Welcome to Small World

Small World Productions has been making broadcast documentaries and films for clients for 30 years.

Among our many productions are UK & overseas films for the BBC, undercover investigations for Channel 4, single films & consumer series for Discovery Channel/Animal Planet and hard hitting features for Sky News.

We are also a leading provider of video and communication services to major charities, pressure groups, businesses and government agencies producing powerful animations, illuminating education films and strong campaign & appeal videos.

We have won a BAFTA, 2 Genesis Awards, a BEMA, and several other awards .

We pride ourselves on creating communications which make a difference!


Click on the image above for ‘Saving Our Ecovillage’ film broadcast on BBC.

Saving Our Ecovillage follows the community of Brithdir Mawr, near Newport in Pembrokeshire, over six months as they attempt to raise the cash to buy their own homes. The owner will put the farmhouse, converted cowshed, eco-houses and 85 acres of land on the open market with a price tag of £1 million unless the residents can raise the money to buy him out.

As they try to develop businesses that can generate enough income, the residents also have to work the land, care for the chickens, goats, sheep and geese and learn Welsh in an effort to integrate with the community.

For more information contact Justyn Jones: jjones@smallworldtv.co.uk


Click on the image above for the opening sequence to Taking on the Irish Sea film. First shown August 2019 on BBC1 network prime time as part of the Our Lives series, about a group West Wales of sea rowers from all walks of life and with an age span of over 40 years embarking on a challenge of a lifetime. Duration 30 mins.

For more information contact Justyn Jones: jjones@smallworldtv.co.uk


Click the image above to watch ‘In the shadow of Snowdon’, Teleri Fielden is given an opportunity to fulfil her dream of becoming an upland hill farmer. Shepherdess of Snowdonia, first shown August 2018 on BBC1 network prime time as part of the Our Lives series , follows Teleri through lambing  on one of the toughest farms in the area during one of the bleakest springs in living memory.

Duration 30 mins.

For more information contact Justyn Jones at jjones@smallworldtv.co.uk