A skilled production team with the latest technology to tell your story.


Small World has the following  broadcast quality camera in-house shooting capability. These are split into individual kits :

Kit 1 :  Two Sony HD DV Z1 cameras, shoots true 16:9 widescreen; HD or DvCam switchable. Sennheiser top mike with Rycote, xlrs and grip, Manfrotto light weight tripods, Sony ECM   clip mikes, 3 x lithium batteries and charger. Radio mikes also available

Kit 2 : Sony PD170 DvCam with 16:9 widescreen effect; wide angle lens, Bayer rifle mike with Rycote, xlrs and grip. Vinten Tripod with Manfrotto head, rain cover, Sony ECM  clip mikes. 3 x lithium batteries and charger.

Underwater Kits

Sony VX1000 Mini DV camera with wideangle lens inside aluminium housing with hydrophone waterproof to 80 metres.

Underwater pole camera cctv lens recorded onto Sony MiniDv handycam.


Small World provides it’s own in house edit suites at its offices in the centre of Cardiff.

Suite1 – Mac Pro with Final Cut Studio 2 and Avid Express

Suite 2 – PC Avid Express

Suite format machines include Sony  DVCam HDV 1080i player/recorder, DSR DVCam /Mini DV DSR 40p player recorder, Sony DSR 60p player, Beta SP player recorder,  Sony U-matic player recorder as well as Digi Beta and HD formats on request.

The suite is available for hire at a rate negotiable depending on duration of hire.


Small World has its own in house film archive largely covering environment, development, and landscape scenes from many countres around the world. This footage is made freely available to clients working with us and is available to outside organisations usually on a commercial basis.