A media consultancy & training team to support your organisation.

Consultant : Justyn Jones, Director of Small World Productions.

Justyn has been working in the media for more than 20 years both in print and television. He started as a newspaper journalist on the Southern Evening Echo and then the Western Mail before joining ITN as the onscreen environment correspondent. He then made programmes for Sky News, WTN, and APTN before taking over at Small World where he has won several international awards for his investigative broadcast documentaries for Channel 4.

As well as producing and directing his own films, he occasionally works on other productions such as the ITV1 Tonight Special with Trevor MacDonald (Feb 2005) on the alleged rape of Masai women by British soldiers, and provides strategic communications consultancy and media training to a range of individuals and organisations.

Broadcast Liaison
Small World provides an interaction service between clients and broadcasters. This can take on a variety of forms but generally aims to assist in the access of organisations to airtime.
For example Small World liased between BBC Newsnight and BUAV, and animal rights organisation, which resulted in an exclusive 7 minute feature that was followed by every other BBC News bulletin.
Small World helped ActionAid gain national coverage on virtually every regional tv station for an appeal for Africa.
And advice from Small World helped the NCDL gain one of its biggest publicity days for its anti-puppyfarming campaign.

Often Small World will also work with the clients to develop documentary ideas for pitching to broadcasters. This has been successful with clients like the Environment Agency and the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Research and Presentations

Small World has carried out research into media perceptions and criticisms of clients as part of their self evaluating process. This usually involves  interviews with major television and print journalists and a full presentation back to the client.
These clients have included the Environment Agency and Greenpeace UK.

Key Message Workshops

These workshops run  are aimed at giving client organisations a bouncing board for testing different ways in delivering their key messages. Often organisations and their spokespeople try to load too much complicated information into their messages. This workshop helps to simplify and clarify those messages and ensures that each spokesman  giver roughly the same reply  ie the cliché ‘singing from the same song sheet’.

Thes clients have included Save the Children, Greenpeace UK,  and the Institute for Development Studies

Small World offers a full media training package that varies from ‘one-to-one intensive interview techniques’ to two day ‘general introduction to the media’ courses for groups. Each package is customised to the clients needs.

Every course is led by Small World’s director Justyn Jones, a former on-screen correspondent for ITN and award winning documentary producer, and can also include visiting consultants like Robert Pigott, BBC Religious Affairs correspondent.

Training usually involves at least two recorded TV interview sessions, on-screen playback and feedback. Around these workshops are designed to address the clients requirements, be it targeting a specific media, handling hard questioning or proactively attracting media interest for fundraising.

Clients for media training include :

Save the Chiildren
Frank Campaign, Dept of Health.
Friends of the Earth
Skillsmart Retail
Greenpeace UK
Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex
Zac Goldsmith
National Treatment Agency, Dept of Health
The Body Shop

Some quotes from our clients:

We’ve commissioned Justyn for a range of media training and capacity building projects over the past 10 years. He has trained high level specialists from a national health organisation to hone their key messages and refine their broadcast media skills. Most recently, he worked with Forster in the development and delivery of a capacity building programme for local stakeholders across crime, substance misuse and youth services. Feedback was very good from attendees. The participants particularly felt that Justyn provided a good overview of how stakeholders and youth professionals can use local media to extend the reach of their activities to the wider community. What’s always really appreciated is Justyn’s approachable but incisive style – always helpful when delivering constructive criticism. He really provides an insight into the workings of local media and seeing things from the point of view of a local journalist.”
Athena Lamnisos, Forster Communications

“Justyn Jones has conducted various Media training session for senior leaders in Save the Children over several years, providing participants with the skills needed to prepare for and undertake radio and TV interviews. The training has proved to be challenging, realistic and well received.”
Shola Awolesi, Global Leadership Development Manager, Save the Children
“Thanks very much for the media training. We all found it very beneficial. It was well-structured, informative and challenging. The afternoon session in front of the camera was particularly useful even to those of us who have been doing such interviews for many years. I have previously had two media training sessions with colleagues in London but I can honestly say that yours was the best..”
Gordon James, Director, Friends of the Earth Cymru
“Small World provides some of the best practical media training around and really equips advocacy groups for tough questions and impactful performances. Using Small World significantly added to our media effectiveness at Greenpeace and we put all our frontline spokespeople through the training sessions before major activities.”
 Blake Lee-Harwood, former Communications Director, Greenpeace