Salmon Homecoming

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Title: Salmon Homecoming Project
Client: Environment Agency Wales
Year: 2004
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The Salmon Homecoming Project charts the pioneering work of Environment Agency Wales in working with schools in the raising awareness and the involvement of pupils in their local environment, which in this case is the River Taff.
EA staff set up a salmon hatchery in the classrooms of Tonyrefail Secondary and Primary schools and guide the school children about how to look after the eggs. Once the eggs have hatched the alvi are taken to the EA’s  big hatchery in Cynrig Brecon and raised to fry (teenage salmon). A few months later the schoolchildren are given a tour of the hatchery where they feed the adult fish and scoop up the fry into plastic bags. They then take the bags  to the Taff and release them – the start of their long migration to Greenland and back.

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